About Our End Point Assessment Service at Vista Assessment Solutions

How much does EPA cost?


Our prices are on the website or ask your business manager if you’re already a  customer. If you're not yet a customer and want to know about prices, email info@vistaepa.co.uk Cost varies with each standard as some assessment methods are more expensive than others.

When do I have to pay?

We’ve tried to make things easier for our customers by charging the main payment towards the end of the apprenticeship journey. So we make two charges normally:

  1. Registration fee – a small fee upfront for each apprentice when you register them on Client Portal

  2. Balance – we charge you the remaining fee after the EPA once our assessors have submitted their results.



Who pays for EPA?

Costs for EPA are paid by the training provider who contracts with the assessment organisation on the employer’s behalf. This will often be colleges or training providers, so they should factor in the costs of EPA when they negotiate their contract with employers. Levy funding will cover EPA costs and may cover resits – subject to restrictions and their own negotiations. For non-levy paying employers, the funding source is different (10% from the employer, 90% from government funding) but the payment set up is the same – paid by the training provider who contracts with the assessment organisation on the employer’s behalf.



Do I have to pay for resits?

Usually, yes. Some standards specify that all components of the EPA have to be retaken if an apprentice fails a section. Some standards let an apprentice take only the components they’ve failed.

Prices for resits are on in your Client Portal


Remember: only 20% of the apprenticeship funding band can be used to pay for EPA and resits. Costs above that must be paid by employers out of the final cost of the apprenticeship agreed between provider and employer. Centres and employers should agree who will pick up the cost of resits and confirm this in a written agreement.



Can I get a discount?

There may be some discounts if you bring a high number of apprentices. You should talk to your business manager if you’re already a customer or email infor@vistaepa.co.uk to ask about this.


Can qualifications be paid for out of apprenticeship funding?

If the qualification is mandatory, then you can use funding for this. Optional qualifications aren’t covered by funding. Employers and providers will have to agree how they’re going to pay for any optional qualifications they use.

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